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2015: The Year of the Recruiting Culture

Posted by The Bean Team

05-Jan-2015 14:00:00

Company culture seemed like it was the “it” buzzword of HR in 2014. While the importance of building a strong company culture has been more than proven in countless articles, here at Broadbean we think it’s time for a cultural movement in the upcoming year. Therefore, Broadbean declares 2015 the Year of the Recruiting Culture.




Dr. John Sullivan thoroughly introduced what a recruiting culture entails in his column on ERE:

A recruiting culture is a recruiting strategy that shifts the responsibility of recruiting to managers and employees.” - Dr. John Sullivan (@DrJohnSullivan)

See, we’ve focused so much this year on creating company culture and budgeting to build an employer brand that attracts the emerging workforce that we forgot one very, useful thing. The art of delegation. Why not delegate a portion of your recruitment strategy to the rest of your company? Your employees out of anyone understand your company culture. Employees know who they would work with best, and they know who can get the job done. If you’ve got your company culture down pat, then get ready to build your recruiting culture. Here’s why…


You’ve Got Two Choices

We heard it through the grapevine that some recruiters are managing an insane amount of reqs. 

“The low end of what I heard was a recruiter managing 15 requirements at once. On the high-end it was up to 50. There’s no way even the best of the best in corporate recruiting can manage that number effectively.” - Jason Webster (@worldwidejweb), Co-founder and Head of Employer Branding at Ongig 

When you have multiple hiring managers pushing their open positions to the top of your to-do list, you’re left with two choices; prioritize or generalize. You’re a corporate recruiter who is capable of prioritizing open positions. You understand your organization's long term hiring goals, but your recruitment process has become far too automated leaving candidates with a lack of interest in your recruitment messaging.


Delegate Your Recruitment Strategy

Candidates referred by your employees are the number one source of external hires for a reason. In fact, 26% of all external hires come from employee referrals. On average, 15 employee referrals result in one hire, but how can employers increase this? By building a recruiting culture to maximize your employee referral program.


broadbeantwitter-01 26% of all external hires come from employee referrals.


CareerBuilder found that 69% of employers already have a formal employee referral program within their organization, but having an ERP and building a recruiting culture are quite different. An ERP is a process and system that may already be built into your organization, but a recruiting culture is what drives that process. 


Here’s how you can drive employees to recruit using social media:

Social media provides companies the opportunity to spread the word about their culture, company news, and open job positions through their employee networks. With a social recruitment strategy, you can maximize your company’s employee referral program potential to support referrals and increase employee engagement and involvement. 

Social Media Marketing 101 - Utilize the onboarding and training portion of your talent lifecycle to educate and employees on how to effectively use their social media networks for professional purposes. Make this part of each employees responsibility and encourage social participation. 35% of companies currently use social media to promote their company, so why not get employees to cultivate the social conversation?


broadbeantwitter-01 35% of companies currently use social media to promote their company. 


Make Social Content Easily Accessible - If you’re using your social networks to market open positions and attract candidates, then do the same to attract employees. Post content that is relatable to employees to your company’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social accounts that encourages their engagement. Automate a system that notifies employees of new content and reminds them to share and repost the material. 29% of job seekers don’t think companies promote their employer brand good enough. Building a network of employees who share the happenings of your organization organically builds an employer brand and recruiting culture.


broadbeantwitter-01 29% of job seekers don't think companies promote their employer brand good enough.


Social networking has changed the recruitment landscape, making employee referrals one of the most powerful channels in your recruitment strategy. Recommendations from known employees increase the credibility of the referral and you gain access to a unique talent network, giving you a significant competitive advantage.


Broadbean’s user-friendly system makes it easy for employees to get involved in your organization’s social recruiting efforts.


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