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Because the Candidate Experience is like dating… Right?

Posted by Kazz Kumar

12-Sep-2013 11:57:36



















The University of Westminster was the place to be on the 5th and 6th of September, where #TalentNet Live joined forces with #TruLondon to deliver yet another successful and engaging unconference.

Our very own Bean, Liesbet De Rouck (Sales Manager, NL) joined the panel alongside Craig Fisher (founder of TalentLiveNet), Bethan Davies (Senior Manager at Talent Acquisitions), Bob Lehto (HR Manager at Datasift) and Dimitar Stanimiroff (Sales Director at Stack Overflow) to discuss topics such as candidate experience, branding, the war for talent and many more.











I found the discussion on ‘candidate experience’ particularly interesting as there were many great points raised on why there are difficulties finding the ideal candidate.


Candidate experience does NOT start at the job application stage. First impressions count.


Once a candidate acknowledges that you have a vacancy, they will Google your company or find you on social networks to see if you are what they are looking for. It’s kind of like dating, right?

So, he/she is single (candidate), they find out about you (company) and like the look of you and want to find out more. Before they agree on that first date with you, they ask their friends and your friends (your employees) about you to try and suss you out a little. He/she may stalk you on social networks (come on we all do it!) to see what you tweet about and who you hang out with. He/she may then show some interest (CV submission).

The ball is in your court now.  They are thinking “OMG, are they going to call me?”

You decide to meet up for that first date (first interview). When you get home from your date, you either send the “it’s not you its me” message, or the jubilant “I’d love to see you again!” message.

Okay that example may have been a bit too personal... but the emotions of anxiety and the want to find out more information is all the same.


It’s important to know how the candidate is feeling all the way through your hiring process! :)




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